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I know a desktop app for Password Manager has been requested so we have more room to work with, but has not been approved, so far.

Then how about the ability to edit and organize our passwords from our Central account, in a full view webpage like it can be done with LastPass and some of the other browser based password managers? Where we have more area to work with and with the options being laid out better.

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  • Gjoksi
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    That's a great idea, buddy.

    As you already mentioned, not having a desktop app is the main reason that makes me (want it or not) stuck with the Russians.

    If there is a dekstop app, i don't mind paying 60 euros for 10 devices for 1 year subscription. Plus, in that price unlimited VPN is included.

    Kind regards.

  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited July 2022

    Exactly, as that was the desktop version I was using, well, still using on one PC, as it is very user-friendly.

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  • Hello,

    I have noted this excellent suggestion and I'm sending it to the product managers as we speak.

    Thank you very much @Scott

  • Scott
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    edited July 2

    @Alexandru_BD hold on to, I'm actually starting to like Password Manager for these three reasons.

    1) It is lightning quick in auto-filling websites ( I allow that). For Some of the password managers I'm using now, I have to click their icon (especially F-Secure) for it to fill in the site information, but not with BD.

    2) I like the box pop-up window of an edit and confirming to save it.

    3) Now for the biggie. That it is separate from the AV products themselves, and not an included feature of AV Plus, Internet Security, and of Total Security. That I can buy it separately as my password manager. I'll probably never be a, "I've been using Bitdefender for the last 10-20 years straight" type, (not disparaging the faithful, good for them) as I am too curious in wanting to see what the other vendors offer, features and performance wise etc. With Password Manager, I can play the field once in a while, without losing my stand-alone Password Manager or having to worry about exporting my passwords to a new AV's password manager. I know Bitwarden etc are stand-alone as well, but with what I'm getting with BD Password Manager, I'm starting to like it more :)

    With Chrome, BD Password Manager has been excellent in honoring keeping me logged in, very nice :)

    You all have been doing great with the new multi-user ability and its features, but please, at least give us the option to be able to edit, change, organize etc. our passwords from our Central account.



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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited July 3

    😂😂 @Scott I'm really glad to hear that. This represents a confirmation to our product teams that their efforts are being appreciated, since a lot of work has been carried out in the development and improvement of Password Manager with plenty of resources invested in this product. Needless to say that, user feedback stands at the core of many improvements already taken and will continue to play an important part when shaping our offerings.

    And despite the fact that on some occassions they were scolded for decommissioning the Wallet, eventually I hope that everyone understands this had to be done in order to make room for a service that could meet today's demand and allow further development.