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Feedback to add features to Bitdefender


Add these features to Windows PC:-

1. Provide an option to add suspected files to quarantine manually. So that user can add files to quarantine manually. This feature is helpful when a file is malicious but not detected by Bitdefender.

2. Provide web protection for Brave browser over Windows PC.

3. Please introduce 2 factor authentication via sms text over mobile device.

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @The_Eagle_007 and welcome to the Community!

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.

    Bitdefender detects about 99.51% of viruses in the wild, so it is possible, although very unlikely, that a virus will get past its filters. This happens mainly because new malware is released continuously and there is a time gap between the moment a virus is created and the moment we add detection for it. The best approach is to update Bitdefender to be sure it has the latest virus signatures and then scan the entire system for malware.

    Other situations concern PUA/PUP software installed with other bundled programs. In such cases, when you agree to a license agreement to load the bundled pack, security solutions don’t mark the program as malware because it’s installed with the user’s consent.

    Adding a file to quarantine manually is not endorsed by the developers. When Bitdefender finds an infection on your computer, it usually takes automatic action against it and gets rid of the malware without requiring any input on your side.

    Quarantined files are managed automatically by Bitdefender according to the default quarantine settings. Though not recommended, you can adjust the quarantine settings according to your preferences by clicking ‘View Settings’. Although this will not offer the possibility to manually add suspicious files there, it does offer a level of safe customization:

    In regards to the Brave browser, I will forward your suggestion to our development teams for further analysis in the upcoming feedback sprint.

    Although it is one of the most widespread types of multi-factor authentication, 2Factor authentication via sms is not deemed secure anymore. (Microsoft also agrees on this one). You can read more information about the risks and vulnerabilities of this authentication method in the articles below:

    Best regards

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Flexx
    edited July 2022

    To add here,

    Genuinely speaking, If you think a particular file is malicious, send it to bitdefender malware research team and they will analyze and decide whether a detection needs to be created or not by visiting below stated link.

    Also, if you are yourself suspecting a file to be malicious, do not consider to execute it and if you still want to execute it then check the file on first.

    As far as I know, your point number 1 seems invalid and also may not receive an approval from the bitdefender developers.


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