Kindly be advised we cannot cancel subscriptions or issue refunds on the forum.
You may cancel your Bitdefender subscription from Bitdefender Central or by contacting Customer Support at: [email protected];
You may obtain a refund by contacting [email protected] within 30 days of your initial purchase or of the automatic renewal date.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cancel and Refund

I want to cancel my Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 & Bitdefender VPN subscription and get a refund. I no longer need your product.

I never signed up for auto renewal. I never wanted it. I payed annually in a manual fashion. Yet, somehow auto renewal is activated.

Your latest auto renewal overdrew my checking account without warning and I will now accrue overdraft penalties.

Also, I cannot find my subscription on this web site to verify it, nor can I find where to cancel it. My control panel has no subscription information listed.

There are discussions talking about the MySubscriptions and Access My Payments portion of this account. It does not exist in an east to find location here.

Any help to cancel my subscription and get a refund would be appreciated. Thank you.


  • Gjoksi


    You may cancel your automatically subscription by contacting Customer Support at: [email protected]

    You can stop the auto-renewal for the Bitdefender subscription, by following these steps:

    Just follow the steps as described in Method 1, because some users in the past reported that the steps from Method 2 didn't stop the auto-renewal.

    Also, from my personal experience, Method 1 does the job.

    You may obtain a refund by contacting [email protected] within 30 days of your initial purchase or of the automatic renewal date.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi,

    In addition to the insightful information provided by Gjoksi, kindly be advised that the Bitdefender security solutions come with an automatic renewal feature enabled by default, that allows you to conveniently retain your protection when your Bitdefender subscription expires, without having to go through all the motions of manually renewing your cyber-security solution.

    Keep in mind that, whether you want to activate the renewal option or disable it, you can do it anytime, by following the steps described above.

    If you have agreed to permit Bitdefender to automatically renew your subscription by charging a valid credit card number which you have provided to Bitdefender at the time of your initial purchase, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the expiration of the term and each anniversary thereafter, for a fee no greater than Bitdefender's then-current price, excluding promotional and discount pricing.

    The automatic renewal pricing is not linked to ongoing offers, discounts and promotions available at our official website or at different points of sale throughout our Partner Network and for this reason we are trying to offer our customers the opportunity to manually renew at favorable prices during the subscription period.

    The price at which the auto-renewal is applied can be seen in automatic notifications so that any customer has the opportunity to request either the deactivation of the option, or a more advantageous offer.

    The automatic renewal feature is a widespread option in the antivirus industry, as most providers are now offering subscription-based services.

    Thank you for being a valued customer.

    Best regards

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user