when I go to dashboard critical notifications, the question "add to exceptions?" shows up. What is the meaning of this. I am a rookie!!


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    Exceptions can be added in various scenarios where the antivirus can block a safe website, application or whenever you wish to exclude particular files from scanning. What type of critical notification is displayed there? Depending on the notification received, you may consult the following articles on exceptions:

    How to stop Bitdefender Web Protection from blocking a safe Website:


    How to stop Advanced Threat Defense from blocking a trusted app:


    How to exclude files and folders from Bitdefender Antivirus scan:


    I hope the information is helpful.


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  • Bitdefender DOES NOT respect my choices for exceptions. In fact, some options, such as "Advanced Threat Defense" are grayed out.

    I really do not care if Bitdefender thinks creating an exception for a thumb drive or mapped volume is unwise. It's MY computer, not Bitdefender's. If I don't want something scanned, that's MY business, not Bitdefender's.

    We DEMAND the ability to FULLY except any volume, folder or file on OUR computers, and it's really none of Bitdefender's business to dictate otherwise.

    In fact, Bitdefender is NOT AUTHORIZED to circumvent our choices, much less prevent us from creating a full exception in the first place!

    Let's see how Norton Security handles it: "You can assign exclusions to local drives, folders, groups of files, single files, or network drives." Norton DOES NOT gray out certain elements of an exclusion (exception). They allow us USERS to FULLY exclude a thumb drive, external HDD/SSD, letter-mapped mounted volume, or any other kind of drive.

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    @IT_Writer ,

    I have already responded to you twice. This is the third identical post from you today.

    May I counsel your patience? The issue is being addressed.

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