Change DNS setting on Google chrome

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"Hello Bitdefender community. I am using the Bitdefender AV Plus. I have noticed that Bitdefender "locks down" various settings in PC and in browsers which results to be tamperproof. Personally I like this cause I have a peace of mind from browsers hijackers or any kind of malware that change my settings in PC. I get the following message from my PC settings and in google chrome. " Your browser is managed by your organization". I am a home user btw. I understand this message is from Bitdefender's good will to protect me. However I want to change my dns setting in google chrome . I want to use a safe one and not my ISP's. I tried resetting chrome policies but didn't work How do I change that in google chrome ? Thank you for reading my long message . Have a nice day. Any answer appreciated.

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  • I am so grateful for assisting me @Gjoksi @Alexandru_BD .

    I followed the instructions of support article in google which was provided by the answer of @Gjoksi I tried to enter admin console but my acc isn't admin . I run registry editor and deleted policies associated with chrome . Its pretty explanatory to their support site. As you mentioned @Alexandru_BD , its not a problem of Antivirus . I recently formatted my pc cause its performance was hampered down from large occupation of disk space and no basic maitenance . I think this issue of the message I was worried with . I assume with the same practices I would get rid of the message entirely. I have no fear of malware with Bitdefender .Mark this as resolved.


  • You are most welcome @Kalligos, it was our pleasure and I'm glad to hear the situation was resolved.

    Have a great time ahead!