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Time Machine issues- Update please?


Has there been any progress on the much discussed problem with Time Machine not being able to connect to previous archives? This is of great concern to many and make us question whether the $19.99 a year is more of an annoyance than a bargain. HELP!!!!


  • Hello @Felgercarb,

    It's work in progress, the development teams are still investigating this.


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  • I'm sorry but taking weeks to resolve this problem is unacceptable. Most Mac user use Time Machine. Investigate this - how much of the premium for BD will be refunded since it currently does not work as sold?

  • Hello @tbsteph1,

    I have eyes on the ongoing task and I can tell you that the development teams are very close to a resolution. From what I understand, the troubleshooting process is a joint effort involving Netgear teams as well.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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  • Well, now it is 9/11 and the problem still exists. How close is close? This month? This year?

    I did find via a web search that this same problem occurred last year. I understand that updates can break other things. But, the same problem more than once should never be acceptable.

  • Hi,

    This is still ongoing as far as I'm aware. There are no updates yet, but again, this is a joint effort that may require more time and testing before the fix can be deployed.


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  • Still a problem 9 October with MacOS Monterey