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Web Protection Turns Off By Itself on my iPad Pro

I do not use the BD VPN but rather ExpressVPN (Many of the notes on this topic seem to use BD VPN). Nonetheless, I have frequently noticed when I scan the iPad Pro that web protection is turned off. How can I turn it on so it will stay on?

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  • Gjoksi


    Maybe this article will help you on the issue:


  • Hi,

    Thanks very much for your note. Now, I understand that they cannot be used together but, how am I to protect my iPad? Does the VPN make it impossible for viruses, etc. to get in because my URL is now different? or does BD´s web protection make a VPN unnecessary except when I want to appear like I´m located elsewhere?

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  • So it’s ok for me just to stick to Bitdefender VPN and forget browser protection?

  • Hello @michaelhc.

    The short answer is no.

    VPN and Web Protection have different purposes, and you should turn them on depending on your needs. For example, if you want to do some online transaction on your banking site while being connected to an airport or a mall WIFI, you should turn on the VPN, by encrypting & anonymising all your traffic. If you are especially browsing on all kind of new sites that could look suspicious, then Web Protection would be of greater help, making sure that the domains you are accessing are not exposed to online threats (like malware, phishing, miner) by blocking access to dangerous pages.

    Web Protection automatically blocks malicious websites. When a URL points to a known phishing or fraudulent website, or to malicious content such as spyware or viruses, the webpage is blocked, and an alert is shown. The same thing happens when installed apps try to access malicious domains. With Web Protection, you are protected from accessing dangerous, phishing, and fraudulent pages.

    On the other hand, VPN encrypts the data that leaves your device, giving you the benefit of a private network even while you’re on a public Wi-Fi from the airport, mall, café, or hotel. When connected to VPN, you can access websites that are restricted to certain countries and you hide your own IP address, offering your online search more anonymity. VPN only does so much to anonymize your online activities. It won’t protect you online.

    Web Protection and VPN are two features designed for separate purposes: the first keeps you safe while browsing while the latter aims to provide internet anonymity.

    I hope the information is helpful.



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