Bitdefender bogus Notification - Advised that subscription expired when it has not expired

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Hi everyone,

Ever since I renewed my subscription with Bitdefender in May 2022, I have constantly battled against three Bitdefender bogus adds (see attached below). They pop up every 30 minutes or so on my right hand bottom browser; another one when I turn my computer on, and, even when I go into my profile I am notified that my subscription expired and that my devices are at risk. Indeed all of them a bogus notification because my subscription is active.

I contacted Bitdefender 3 times (I have the track record of the communication). I captured the add, forwarded it and had a reply twice from a Technical Support Specialist. What she sent me as a solution did not resolve the issue. In fact, I was lead to a link/path that did not function. I contacted her again and she disappeared without a trace. This is plain incompetence and a tell-tale that she did not know how to fix the problem. I decided that I will cancel my future subscriptions. If they cannot control their mad marketing system, how could they control viruses...?

I contacted Bitdefender today again. I got the regular automated response. Let's see what they will do this time. I will post the outcome, positive or negative in case some of you are going through the same issues.



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    Hi @SLN

    I know this is probably a total stretch to try, but at this stage, why not? On your BD console, go to the top and click on My Account, then click on Switch Accounts. Enter your email, the one you purchased BD with, then your password, and see if it refreshes the BD servers and BD on your device.

    Otherwise, maybe @Alexandru_BD can help to sort this out.

    Kind regards,


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  • Hello @SLN,

    When checking the Central account associated with the e-mail address registered on this forum, I have noticed that you have an active Premium VPN license that was renewed automatically in May this year. So, you have purchased Total Security and Premium VPN as a bundle back in 2020. You have disabled the automatic renewal feature for the antivirus in June 2020, but the one for the VPN was left enabled. As a consequence, the VPN renewed automatically in May 2021 and May 2022, but the antivirus didn't, hence the expiration notifications for it.

    By the looks of it, the antivirus expired in June 2021. This means that, if you don't have a secondary account and didn't make a renewal purchase since, your devices were left unprotected. Before the actual expiration, there were multiple notifications sent to you regarding this.


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