Can't get antitheft tracking working (solved)

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I can't get it set up so I can track my android phone from bitdeffender central on my PC.

I get this error:

"We got disconnected for a bit. Try again later..

Location details are sensitive data. Therefore, before attempting to locate your device, Bitdefender needs your permission to access this data.

Please check your privacy settings and add Bitdefender to the list of apps which can access your location information."

So I probably didn't get the permissions set right. Maybe I didn't grant admin privileges? But I can't figure out how to check that after the fact. I seem to have given it the location permissions.

SOLVED: it started working after I went to bitdeffender central on my phone.


  • Although when I locate the phone from the PC it only shows the map for 10-20 seconds then it disappears and just says

    "We are still working on locating your device.

    We will notify you when your device becomes available."

  • Hello @Raccoon1400 and welcome to the Community!

    First, check if the location service is on. Go to your phone settings -> Security -> Device administrators -> uncheck Antivirus, then go to Application manager -> tap on Antivirus -> press on clear cache and clear data. Open the Bitdefender app and configure everything again and try to send the command one more time. If the device still cannot be located, kindly contact the Support Teams using the link below and specify the Android version, Bitdefender version and attach a screenshot of the error message and the time when the command was sent:

    Let us know how it goes.


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