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I've trying to get my 2nd PC protected for the last 1.5hr.

The installation worked fine, when I opened BD I have the windows asking to log in, normal... But once the email address and password are entered I have this unexpected pop-up window coming each time I tried.

I've already checked and it seems it's an old issue as I found similar requests in the archived section.

I'd like my PC to be protected.Please help


  • Hello @Ozliv and welcome to the Community!

    After checking your account, I have noticed that you currently have 2 devices protected and one more slot available in your license. Can you confirm if this information is also displayed in your Central account? Under the "My Subscriptions" tab it should say: "Active on 2 out of 3 devices - Install protection on a new device". Under the "My Devices" tab, the two devices should be displayed in detail.

    Also, using the 2 PCs, bring up the Bitdefender interface and check if the product is linked to the same Central account, as it draws its validity and configuration from there.


  • Hi,

    Actually I have installed BD on my 3 computers now.

    And it seems 2 are showing that I can protect 2 more devices and the 3rd one is showing I can protect 1 more. While all these 3 should show that I should have no more.

    How to fix the issue?

  • Hello @Ozliv,

    The information displayed in the Central account should be updated shortly after these changes. Try to logout and login again and see if the information is accurately displayed afterwards. If there is still a discrepancy there, the engineers will have to take a closer look. But first, tell us if this could be corrected after logging in.


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    Hi @Ozliv

    Also to add to Alexandru's advice, you can try to Switch your account from the top of the Dashboard. Enter the email address that you used for your subscription, then your Central password and see if that refreshes to correct the number of devices protected. You may need to do that with your other device(s) as well.

    Cheers :)


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  • Hi guys,

    So, I checked again this morning. I was able to do the updates on my 3 devices, si thought it was all good.

    When I checked the Central, I still only had 2 devices on the list.

    I logged out on each of them, and was not able to log back in. I had to disable the internet connection in one to be able to log in with any of the other 2. And then in the Central, I was able to see these 2, but never the 3 in the same time...

  • Hi @Ozliv,

    The only reason I can think of is the MAC address. Check if the devices share the same MAC address, because then they appear as a single device in Central. If two or more computers share the same MAC address on any network (physical or virtual), Bitdefender Central identifies them as the same device and shows only one at a time in My Devices. This is common with virtualization software (e.g. VMware, VirtualBox, Parallels, Bootcamp, etc.) and VPN software, as they generate the same MAC address on all the devices. However, it is not restricted to this types of software. In any case, this is only a glitch in the way Bitdefender Central displays them, with no impact on the security of the devices. If on all devices the antivirus shield is green, you are protected.