Trying to cancel my subscription


I can´t find anywhere how to cancel my subscription, I tried trough the central and can´t find where to click to cancel it.

Any suggestions? Otherwise I will just refuse the payment of the autorenewal... It shouldn´t be so difficult to cancel it.


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    Hi @Moyadog

    That information can be found here, some of us prefer Method 1, but you have those 2 options on what may work for you, including #2 being through Central.

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  • Hello @Moyadog,

    In addition to Scott's insightful comment above, kindly note that the next billing for your subscription is expected on October 12, 2022. In regards to cancelation, you will also receive a notification prior to the actual renewal including a cancelation link as well. But the steps from the article should do the job. If, however, you are encountering any difficulties, simply send your request at and who knows, maybe there is room for negociation 😏

    Cheers and I hope you'll stay with us.

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