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Why does Bitdefender Total Security installation on my WIndows device fail to complete?


I am attempting to install Bitdefender Total Security on a new Windows device, running on Windows 11. I have checked that my subscription is active.

I downloaded the executable installation file from Bitdefender's website, and ran it. I see two windows appear in sequence that I understand I am supposed to see. The first says that 546 MB of installation files are downloading, and that step appears to execute successfully fter reporting progressively increasing levels of completion up to 100%. Then, I see a second pop-up message under the Bitdefender logo indicating that the new files are preparing for installation.

But then the process just stops. I understand that I should next see a request to agree to Bitdefender's terms and conditions, but that request never appears. The end result is that I have the Bitdefender Agent app loaded on my device, but Bitdefender Total Security is nowhere to be found; a complete search of my C: drive, including program files, does not find it.

I've attempted uninstalling Bitdefender Agent, restarting my device, and then going through the process described above multiple times, but have the same result each time. Is there a way to get past this?

All suggestions are appreciated!