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Installation Error using Kaseya

I am attempting to install BD using the Kaseya integration. The computers that I am installing are in China. The installations work in the US just fine.

The error that I am getting is 17000. The error is coming from the certutil -decode in the BESTDetectRMMT lines 62-64.

The particular server is a 2012 and the workstations are Windows 10



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  • JForma
    Answer ✓

    Is not able to be downloaded in Machines from China.

    The 17000 error is coming from the generated checkSignature.bat

    The file is 183b and it should be about 811kb. It starts and then stops just enough to generate a file.

    The file fails signature validation.

    I tried it from a browser and got the same result.

    I copied the file from another 64bit machine, and it is now getting past this part and has downloaded the product.