Having difficulty encrypting with automatic boot over 2 different Asrock motherboards

edited December 2022 in Enterprise Security

We have 14 x Windows 10 Pro workstations with Asrock X470D4U2-2T motherboards that have all successfully encrypted with If Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is active, do not ask for pre-boot password option checked.

However, we also have 18 Windows 10 Pro workstations with Asrock X570D4U-2L2T boards that have gone through the same encryption process, though they encrypt with a requirement for a preboot password. Which causes havoc with our remote working, and resuming after updates etc.

Oddly it is possible to encrypt (bitlocker) manually on each failing workstation and enable the option to boot automatically, it just seems to be 2 different approaches through Bitdefender.

All workstations have up to date Bitdefender, the same CPU's. Only difference is motherboard and a slightly newer TPM version on the X570's.

Hoping to avoid having to do each workstation manually, so any help would be appreciated.