Will bitdefender play nice with FileOptimizer?

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I have literally a few million files to send through fileoptimizer and I don't want BD interfering with it or using tons of ram to keep up with it (comodo free, causes Windows to use over 40GB of ram when trying to keep up with fileoptimizer when it compresses).

So what I've noticed is that Comodo will I guess scan files as FO (fileoptimizer) goes through the list and create a memory leak exceeding 40GB. Should I expect the same behavior from BD or look for another AV solution? I only need a AV to scan these files as a one time thing and then bugger off and leave them alone while another program does it's thing, thanks.


  • Looking answer for the same question.

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    This hasn't been tested, as far as I know. But you can get a free Bitdefender trial with all the bells and whistles and see how they get along.


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