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A Question Regarding The Combination Of The Bitdefender BOX 2 And UniFi Products

edited December 2022 in Bitdefender Box

dear all,

I would like to ask a question regarding the combination of the BD Box 2 and UniFi Products.

My setup looks as follows:

  • Magenta LTE Router, WiFi disabled, connected only to my Box 2
  • Bitdefender Box 2, 2.4GHz WiFi enabled (copying the original Magenta WiFi), 5GHz WiFi disabled (mainly because the Sonos speakers do not manage to decide which band to use)
  • all devices (20-30) are connected wired or in the Box 2 WiFi and therefore - from my point of view - protected because every threat from the outside must come through the BD Box 2 (either from the Magenta router through the box or from any device, e.g. iPhone that is only connected to the BD Box 2 and therefore before my network)

As I am using a UniFi Ecosystem in my Network (Cloud Keygen Plus, PoE Switch, 3 Cameras, all wired) I wanted to add an Access Point to my WiFi because I am loosing a lot of signal at some part of my premises.

Therefore I mounted a UniFi AP 6 Lite, wired to the network, which perfectly gets recognised in the network and by the Cloud Keygen Plus, but the AP gets no clients. So no devices are connecting to it.

I think this is mainly because there is no WiFi set up/configuration in the UniFi Ecosystem.

So I set up a WiFi in the Network management console of UniFi, gave it the same name as the one in my BD Box 2 and the same password. And like magic it starts to works and clients are connecting to it.

My question now is: is this still save or do I bypass the BD Box 2 with this configuration. Because everybody knowing my WiFi name and password could now join via the AP, no? I mean they could connect to the real BD Box 2 WiFi with these data as well, but that would be recognised?

I am afraid of having a security door but having now opened the windows and letting all the guys in I wanted to keep out.

My network and IT skills do end at this point and I would be very happy to receive some help from the pros here. Thank you very much in advance!!!!