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Cannot Clear Approve Or Deny Requests. Any Thoughts?

Guy Fawkes
edited December 2022 in Bitdefender Box

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong area, however I needed somewhere to start asking for info. When I get app internet access requests, no matter whether I approve, deny, try to close the dialog box or any other options, it will not go away. When looking at the info in notifications it will show whatever status I originally clicked but the dialog box won’t go away. This only happens on my Windows 11 PC. No issues with my Mac, iPad, iphone, Linux PC etc.

If i decide to go OCD I can click 50-100x and it will finally clear, but usually I’m not that OCD and I have to restart the PC. This is a major problem because it’s my HTPC server and that open dialog box prevents the next box from opening which can and has at times frozen or denied my net access for various reasons.

Any thoughts?