Are Seperate Routers/Switch/Modem Configurations Better Than "AIO Routers"?

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Are seperate routers/switch/modem configurations better than "AIO Routers"?

I have been contemplating separating my router/modem configuration. I barley use wireless and and the router gets bogged down quite hard with the amount of traffic pumped through it. I run an Dell PowerEdge R710 used as a NAS but my ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 struggles to keep up with the traffic as we have 2 high end computers and numerous IOT Devices

Modem is handled by the NBN Service (Our National Broadband Network here in Aus)

I don't know if its worth getting an even higher end "AIO Router" or starting getting a little more complicated. I am confident on networking but not sure if its worth the investment in time and money.

Any suggestions are helpful!