BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2022 Installation instead of Total Security 2022

Recently bought a BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2022. When I installed the antivirus by accident (I think) I installed the Total security TRIAL version instead of my FULL Plus version. I am not able to install the Plus version on my Win11 even if I uninstall the trial version of Total security because it reinstalls the Total security version insteaad. It's very frustrating but I can't figure out what to do.


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    Hello @Kaazee and welcome to the Community!

    As it stands, you have a Total Security trial valid until 2023/01/19 and the new Antivirus Plus license you have purchased on December 20th.

    I have now removed the trial from your account and the devices covered by it will be automatically assigned to the Antivirus Plus license, as this is the next solution that can protect them in this Central account.

    Should you wish to reallocate the devices manually to the new license, you can do this by following the steps below:

    In Central, click on the Manage button from the old/expired trial card then select Manage Device Allocation in the drop-down menu.

    Next, click to expand the trial product that has assigned devices.

    All devices using that Bitdefender subscription will be displayed. Click on Change under a device name to modify its current allocation.

    Select the Change allocation option, as shown.

    Finally, click the CHANGE ALLOCATION button in the lower-right corner. The device is now assigned to the desired Antivirus Plus license.

    Note that in the event you change / upgrade your license, you can follow the same steps to move your devices to the new license. Uninstalling the product will not be necessary, as the antivirus draws its validity and configuration (variation of devices, features, etc) from the license / subscription active in the Central account and the product features will be updated accordingly.


  • Thank you! Was able to solve it. Had to uninstall and reinstall and this time it worked.

    Happy holidays!

  • Victory! 😄

    Glad to hear it was resolved, thank you for following up.

    Happy Holidays and best wishes!

  • I made the same mistake.

  • Hi @Green69,

    Don't worry about it, such things may happen. I hope the information in this thread was useful to you.

    Let us know how can we help you.