OneClickOptimizer prevents my adblockers working, is this to be expected?


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  • It is not expected that software such as OneClickOptimizer would prevent adblockers from working. Adblockers typically use a combination of methods to block ads, such as filtering network traffic and modifying web pages to remove ads before they are displayed to the user.

    It could be possible that OneClickOptimizer may be making changes to the web pages that break the adblocker, but it's unlikely that it was design to do so, as the software is for system optimization rather than advertisement blocking

    It could be that OneClickOptimizer is conflicting with the ad-blocker you are using, you might consider disabling it temporarily and see if the Ad-blocker start to work again, or you could reach out to the developer of the software to clarify if there is any kind of incompatibility with ad-blockers.

  • Thanks for your helpful response. It seems that if a couple of hours elapses after running OneClickOptimizer and ads appearing, then the ad-blocking software is restored and the ads disappear. So whatever changes the optimizer makes to ad-blocking is corrected over time. I can live with that, but was startled by so many ads appearing, which shows how good ad-blockers have become. Probably some glitch in the way I have set up my computer. Regards, Tony