My VPN Has Not Connected For The Last Two Days And Just Keeps Saying 'Reconnecting'. Any Help?

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My Bitdefender VPN has not connected for the last two days. Just keeps saying 'Reconnecting', and continues like it is buffering. Can you please help me? Thanks.


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    It's difficult to tell without more information. There are a few common causes for connection errors encountered by Bitdefender VPN:

    • You are not connected to the Internet and can’t access the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Make sure you have Internet access before using Bitdefender VPN.
    • A strictly configured firewall is preventing VPN connectivity (e.g. 3rd party firewall software, router’s built-in firewall). If you are not sure if your router comes with a dedicated firewall or how to turn it off please refer to its manual, contact the manufacturer or your ISP.
    • Another VPN or Proxy is running when you try to connect. In this case, disable the other VPN/Proxy solution.
    • You’re on public Wi-Fi such as work, school, airport, etc. which may have blocked the ports required by Bitdefender VPN. You’ll need to contact the network administrator to try and change their firewall settings.
    • The port used for the VPN connection is closed. Depending on the device you’re currently using, the port 443 UDP must be open.

    But connectivity issues are not limited to this. For a more efficient diagnosis, some additional information is required. When contacting the Support Teams for further assistance, kindly provide the engineers with the following details:

    • The OS on which the vpn is running
    • Whether the problem occurs on a specific location or all locations
    • IP of the affected server
    • If using standalone VPN or VPN in BD Mobile Security
    • Whether the problem occurs only on mobile data or only on wifi or present on both. Preferably try multiple networks
    • App version.

    This could also be related to a temporary network disruption.

    You can use the link below to choose the desired contact channel for the Support Teams:


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    To add here, apart from the general possible causes behind VPN connectivity issues, it appears that this behaviour is caused by a specific issue that has been recently identified by the VPN engineering unit.

    We don't have an ETA for the fix yet, but it's a high priority investigation and I'll get back to you as soon as we have news.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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  • Thank you so much for your assistance. I really appreciate your hard work, and am very happy with Bitdefender. Looking forward to the solution. I did uinstall the Bitdefender Premium VPN, and after iniating the re-install, the 'Bitdefender Preium VPN configuring ' message is in like a buffering mode.