Unable to use bitdefender without google account in android


I love bitdefender's features

I installed bitdefender over a month ago

Recently I purchased an activation key for bitdefender android and it worked

I am a privacy maniac and dont have google account signed in my phone

Today I tried to update bitdefender, right after the update , the app doesnt allow me to use it without signingin into my google account

Can I access my app without any google account signed in it? I have a subscription at stake too here


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @ch8dha and welcome to the Community!

    Are you getting the below message, by any chance?

    If yes, this is a known behaviour and the Mobile Security developers are investigating as we speak. This message appears only if the application has not been downloaded from the Google Play Store. Bitdefender Mobile Security is officially available only from the Google Play Store, and requires Google Play Services to function properly.

    We do not recommend downloading the application from other sources.

    The best way to move forward would be to get in touch with the Support engineers for further investigation and assistance.

    You can reach them by using one of the contact methods available at the link below:



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