Bitdefender Premium VPN Wrong Location. Any Help?

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So, I switched to Turkey VPN server, but I got an IP from Bulgaria.

And when i switched to Argentina, i got Guatemala.

Is this often? I used only android premium vpn app. I am thinking refunding my purchase if I am not able to select Country I want.


  • Hello @Olujche,

    Can you test the IPs using a different detection service? There are multiple options to choose from and it's important to know if all of them display the same IPs.


  • Olujche
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    I tested it, they show the same IP (after few reconnects, still getting IPs from same range)

    Other countries work fine as far as I can tell (Slovenia, usa, Hong Kong, Germany...)

    Only two problems are Argentina and Turkey, the only country's I need. Argentina is always Guatemala on IPv4 (IPV6 is from usa), and Turkey is always from Bulgaria.

    For example: is IP from connecting "Argentina", but all sites see it as Guatemala.

    Finally i got a Turkey IP after ~10 reconnects, but it was slow as hell.

    I guess IP ranges from Argentina and Turkey are always used up and system fall over is to swich to closest country??

  • This could be the case, however I cannot confirm. If it's not mandatory to connect to the above locations, try to find a server closer to you, as this would also increase network speed significantly.


  • Still not working for Argentina. You always get IPv6 from US and IPv4 from Guatamala.

    Is there any easy way to contact real support for this problem? Like an email?

  • Gjoksi
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    You should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:


    NOTE: Bitdefender telephone support is not toll-free!


  • Johnny Bravo
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    Hello everyone, hello @Olujche

    I am in the same situation. VPN for Argentina is not working. It send me to U.S (Miami)

    I am in contact, by email, with the support team, but for the moment still no solution.

    @Olujche Were you able to have more luck?

    We can clearly see that an incident is unfortunately present for the Argentina VPN.

    I also bought this because I need this country.

    I hope that a solution will be provided quickly.

    Thank you BitDefender VPN Support for your assistance. 🙂

    Best regards.

  • Hello @Olujche

    I got an answer from the story support team :

    I have looked into the case and it seems that the situation is caused by an issue that has already been acknowledged by our development team. We are currently working on a fix that will be done by means of an automatic update and won't require any additional action on your end.

    Normally they will make an update very soon because this problem is known by them. I saw that someone posted the same problem on the forum in 2018.

    Let me know if from your side when it will be fix :)


  • Hello @Johnny Bravo,

    Indeed, this behaviour has already been reported to our VPN unit and the developers are working on a fix. It has been noticed that, in isolated cases whenever the VPN is connected to a location, a website or application detects it as being connected to another location.

    For everyone encountering this, kindly reach out to our Support Teams and provide the engineers with the following information that will help the investigation:

    - VPN location selected

    - The wrong location detected

    - VPN IP (as many as you've tried and had the same result)

    - Affected application/website

    Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation throughout this process.


  • Hello Team,

    Hope you are fine !

    Any news about this issue ?

    Many thanks

    Best regards;

  • Hello @Johnny Bravo,

    The investigation is in the debugging phase and it's still pending a resolution from the VPN teams. As soon as the problem is fixed, you will be notified on the open ticket by one of our representatives.

    Thank you for your patience.


  • Hello @Alexandru_BD and the VPN Team,

    I hope you are all fine. 😉

    I still can't connect to the Argentina VPN 😢

    Do you have any good news to share with us? 🙏

    Many thanks.

    Best regards.

  • Hi @Johnny Bravo,

    This is still work in progress, no news so far. But we're getting there.


  • Hello @Alexandru_BD

    Thanks for your email.

    Did the team change something ? To understand what was wrong ?

    I try today, and it seems fine, finally.

    I hope this is definitive 🙃 🤩

    thanks to you and the teams working on it.

    great job. 🥳

    best regards !!!

  • Yes @Johnny Bravo, apparently the situation was resolved!

    Keep us posted if you encounter any difficulties in the future.

    Cheers and thank you!

  • Hello @Alexandru_BD

    Great news. Thanks for your message and help !

    Thanks to all the team.

    Best regards.