Can An Antivirus Program Protect Social Media Apps?

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My FB has been hacked (not by a random stranger), knows all my is that possible that someone was able to infiltrate it without sending me links nor even touch my phone? and to outsmart FB to detect the device. I don't share passwords nor give any personal infos to that person, not even to supicious sites. Any BD features can help secure n FB account? Thanks!


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    Currently there no technology integrated in bitdefender that can help you regarding the same. Bitdefender can protect & block phishing & malicious links that you may click by mistake on facebook.


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  • Hi @Livy80,

    You can enhance the privacy and security of your FB account by using the two-factor authentication feature, available in the privacy shortcuts, under account security:

    Needless to say that, all account credentials should be kept in a safe environment, such as a password manager, never to be shared with anyone else. It is also recommended to change your account password in such situations. We cannot know for sure how the account was broken into, but I think this is a question for the FB representatives to answer.