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TrafficLight Search Advisor: DuckDuckGo


Please consider enhancing the TrafficLight Search Advisor to support the DuckDuckGo search engine with Safari.

Thank you.

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @Pleonasm and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    Unfortunately, the Search Advisor feature doesn't support neither the Brave search / browser, nor the DuckDuckGo search engine.

    Search Advisor rates the search results from four major web search engines: Google, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo, to warn against dangerous web pages before you access them. However, I agree that DuckDuckGo would be nice to have. If there is a demand for this and if there are ways to do it, there are chances for development in the future.

    For now, I will forward your suggestion to our product teams, for futher analysis.

    Your contributions and ideas are always welcome and please feel free to share with us any other suggestions that come to mind in the future. The product developers are always open to new ideas coming from our users and will always consider the concepts that have true potential of making it into production.


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  • Hello,

    Actually Alexandru_BD, I have some trouble with your answer. You state that 'Duckduckgo is not supported, however Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu are.'

    I did not check Baidu, but on my system, only Yahoo is supported on default browser and Bitdefender settings... Google and Bing are not.

    After looking around in older forum postings, for Google search advisor to work apparently some weird adaptation in the browser settings related to deactivating QUIC (?) is needed, and for Bing search advisor to work, the default Bing website setting 'open links in new browser window' has to be toggled on or off.

    In Bitdefender website's product pages the feature 'search advisor' is described as a feature included in the sales/subscription price. However is has been NOT working as stated, for some time. And in older times, sometimes it was working for some time, and then again not.

    This I do not consider as acceptable. Not even in a free product, but certainly not in a paid-for product.

    Users should not have to perform modifications on their systems in order for advertised features to work. It should simply work, always, and at default settings without any needed user intervention. And if not working, a solution and product update should be worked on ASAP, or, the feature should be removed from the Bitdefender website's mentioned product features.

    Advertised product features should just work. Before thinking about new features and ideas, at least existing issues should be given priority and fixed first.

    Based on other forums posts in general, I am guessing any comments on my comment, would be any of, or any combination of:

    -try to uninstall and reinstall Bitdefender

    -try to completely remove Bitdefender, and reinstall

    -try to contact support engineers and supply a system snapshot

    I apologize if I sound a bit rude, but some issues with some features, have been existing for quite a while, which causes frustration. And other issues, are suddenly 'noticed' by many persons, only after a first person mentiones them as first one on the forum. It makes one wonder what other 'bugs' may exist, which a user is not aware of. It is not good for trust and confidence.

  • Flexx

    I cannot confirm about the latest browser supported but according to 2011 bitdefender blog the browser supported by traffic light are Internet Explorer 7+, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari


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