Change of Password for App Lock function

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I have set a P/W to the App Lock function on multiple apps.

How can I change the PW?

Thank you.


  • Hello @PaulJang,

    App Lock helps you block unwanted access to apps by setting a security PIN access code. The PIN code you set must be at least 4 digits long, but not more than 8, and is required every time you want to access the selected restricted apps.

    Alternatively, on devices that support fingerprint authentication, a fingerprint confirmation can be used instead of the configured PIN code.

    Keep in mind that using the wrong PIN or fingerprint five times in a row, will activate a 30 seconds time-out session. This way, any attempt to break in the protected apps will be blocked.

    If you have already selected the apps for applock, go to Settings > Security PIN code > enter the already existing PIN and you will be able to choose another PIN.