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Bitdefender does not like my printer


Hi, Can anyone please help? Whenever I try to print something bitdefender disables the wifi connection. I have a windows 10 desktop pc and bitdefender antivirus plus installed recently. I have looked for the firewall settings in the bitdefender desktop app as suggested in the help video but it isnt there as an option.

Many thanks in advance


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  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited February 2023 Answer ✓

    Hi @VickP

    With Bitdefender AV Plus, there is no firewall so that we can narrow it down to this.

    On your AV Dashboard UI, click Protection on the left panel, then in Antivirus, Open ->Advanced and disable Bitdefender Shield for 15 minutes (enough time to try printing). Now do the same thing for Advanced Threat Denfense by going back to Protection, Advanced Threat Defense, Open -> Settings and disable that (no pop-up notification for that one). Power off your printer give it 10-15 seconds, repower it up, and try running a print job.

    If the printer works, re-enable the Antivirus and see if you're still able to print, if not, now we know it could be the AV blocking it. You can also try it the other way around, by re-enabling the Advanced Threat Defense. If with both of those components off and you're still not able to print, try adding the printer into both Antivirus and Advanced Threat Defense Exceptions.

    Let us know if that worked,


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