The Security Of Bitdefender Central App On Android

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Just wondering, how much information do we want on our phones?

I understand we all have some form of pin or biometric to unlock our phones, and we can secure our apps, but is adding the Central app a good thing? It may be handy, especially with a family plan of multiple users, but for someone single, is it just safer to log into Central. I don't even have my banking app installed, I guess I just get concerned if I lost my phone, of what may be on it.

The Central app probably has some form of pin code etc to protect it, right? I could also remote lock or wipe my phone from my Central account if I lost it. Do we in general have to much information on a phone that can more easily be lost or stolen compared to our PC's at home?

So, is installing the Central app on our phones a good thing to have, a handy thing to have and so secure I don't need to worry about it?

Thanks for any posts of insight or assurance you may have :)

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  • I'm glad you posted this thread. I think in today's world, the smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, of who we are and what we do. I mean, I have everything on my phone, starting with social media apps, chat applications, email, bank applications, cards and of course Bitdefender.

    It's like an identity card. And I think this is one more reason to consider additional top notch security on mobile devices and take all the necessary precautions to prevent theft or losing the device. But I think even if this happens, the phone can be locked or wiped and there are also biometrics (in my case facial recognition), so it will be virtually impossible in my opinion for someone to hack into the device, as long as they don't have a a clay mold of my face.

    There is an interesting article that shares some advice on what to do first when loosing a precious device such as an iPhone:

    Common sense tells us to have some sort of protection for the device, to prevent unauthorized access. The antivirus does a good job to protect our home and mobile devices from malware and people with bad intentions, but when it comes to the physical security of the device, we are the ones responsible to take the necessary security measures and protect our goods. I think the Central app and all important apps installed on our mobile devices for that matter, are safe IF the devices are properly secured.

    To protect against theft, I usuall keep my phone in the front pockets at all times, where I can feel it. Never keep your phone in a backpack or in the back pockets of your jeans and always have it in sight. In the unfortunate event of a lost device, wipe it out immediately and make sure to always backup your data. And the rule of thumb is to make use of every security layer available to prevent unauthorized access.

    As for the Central app, the level of security is pretty tight with 2FA and account blocking in the event of too many failed login attempts. That is IF anyone gets to that point, in the unlikely event of a "sitting duck" device with no password or biometric protection whatsoever. I also think that passwords will become obsolete in the not so distant future and biometrics will replace them altogether, as the best way to secure our data and belongings.


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    @Alexandru_BD thank you for your helpful and informative post, I appreciate it :)

    So what it comes down to, is that even though our phones are smaller and can be lost or stolen more easily (I like your front pocket idea) than our Laptops and PCs, with all the Biometrics and app locks we can enable, they can actually be more secure than our Laptops and PCs. This gives me greater assurance :)

    Thanks again :)

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  • Scott
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    And just a follow-up on why IMO, "less is best" on our mobile devices.

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    That sounds like a nightmare and I feel sorry for the guy.

    In my personal opinion, regardless of the circumstances in which the account was compromised, if it's crystal clear that theft occured, the amount should be insured and the bank should assume responsibility to compensate the loss.

    Making the customer chase you around to recover their own money is disgusting. I've seen this with some insurance companies. You're a good customer to them as long as you are the one paying, but when it comes to damage or the recovery of damage, you can find yourself in the horrible position of having to struggle in an endless loop of procedures and excuses meant to avoid compensation for various reasons, especially when it comes to larger amounts. Granted, insurance fraud is real and companies can go bankrupt if they don't have countermeasures in place, but still, the mission should be to protect the customer and do the right thing.