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What Plan is suitable for a home network comprising a MacBook Air and WIN10 laptop?


My home network comprises:

Macbook Air 2021 running Mac OS Ventura 13.2

WIN10 laptop running the latest WIN10 version - soon to be upgraded to WIN11

On their website Bitdefender Plans talk about 1, 3 and 5 users, but the products appear to be segregated between versions for WIN and MAC OS Operating systems. Is there a product range for which I can buy a 3 user licence that authorises me to install a WIN-suitable version and a MAC OS-suitable version on my home computers - or would I have to buy 2 single-user product licences (one for WIN and one for MAC OS). Whatever the answer is, why don't Bitdefender make the answer to my question explicit, crystal clear and easy-to-find on their website?


  • Alexandru_BD
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    edited February 2023

    Hello @NQ_Aussie,

    Based on your requirements, I would recommend Total Security, as it offers complete protection for Windows, macOS and you can also cover mobile devices (Android & iOS) under a single subscription. The portfolio offers dedicated solutions for the main operating systems, but also affordable packages that cover multiple operating systems and some may have other services included as well.

    I would go for the Total Security for up to 5 devices in this case:

    The 58% discount for the first year is hard to pass and the suite also comes with a basic VPN limited to 200mb daily limit per device.


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