Using Wifi hotspot to route traffic via bit defender vpn

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it it possible to setup a wifi hotspot on a windows or mac computer, and then route all traffic of connected clients via bit defender vpn?


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    Hi @aj_can

    Interesting premise :) The first thought that came to mind is a bottleneck on the one VPN. My second thought is if it can even be done @Alexandru_BD? Third thought would be to buy a Premium Subscription which includes up to 10 devices and let each device have its own "unrestricted" VPN. Forth idea would be to buy a Netgear Armor router with Bitdefender's VPN and the additional security features it offers. (Bitdefender Premium VPN is software based, and cannot be installed on a router.)

    From this article:

    How many devices does my Premium VPN subscription cover?

    Regardless of the subscription type, Premium VPN can be used on maximum 10 devices at once.

    If your Bitdefender security solution includes a Premium VPN subscription (e.g. Bitdefender Premium Security), then the VPN will inherit the device limit in that bundle (10, 15, etc.). It can protect the same number of devices as your Bitdefender security solution subscription, but no more than 10 devices connected at a time.

    However, if your Bitdefender security solution does not include a Premium VPN subscription (such as Bitdefender Family Pack that covers up to 15 devices) when you purchase a Premium VPN subscription it will cover only 10 devices, not 15.

    Also, just in case this can be helpful:

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  • Hello,

    Theoretically, it should work, I don't see any reason for it not to work, as long as the computer has hotspot capabilities. @Scott summed up the available options to use VPN very nicely above and the limit of 10 devices connected simultaneously must be considered, of course.

    Another similar scenario I can think of is whenever you are using a mobile device as a hotspot and then enable VPN on that device and all devices that connect to that hotspot will benefit from encrypted traffic.


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    Thank you, Alexandru. Your last paragraph of a mobile phone hotspot is something I understood more, than from a PC hotspot, and wasn't sure. I did check out a YouTube video on how to do it with Windows 10, very cool :)

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