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I Have Bitdefender NETGEAR Armor On My Router. Can I Go With Another Antivirus On My Devices?

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I have a BD Armor trial version turned on my router. Two questions:

1) On my devices - should I install the BD version specifically designed for BD Armor for Netgear or can I go with my regular BD subscription and regular BD applications? Prior buying Netgear router I already had the BD antivirus. I hesitate if to keep both of them (I know that in the BD Armor suite the BD protection for local devices is included).

2) Can I experience any safety/proper functioning issues if I install a regular BD Total Security or VPN app on my devices instead of BD Armor for Netgear?

3) Can I experience any safety/proper functioning issues if I install Norton on my devices whereas keeping BD Armor on my router? I truly refuse accept the issue that I can’t have simultanously turned on Web Protection and VPN modes on my iOS devices.

Thank you for you advice.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @MPr

    I will address each question as follows:

    1. any will do, they offer the same level of protection;
    2. it is recommended to use the Netgear AV in conjunction with the Netgear VPN, on the same device. Same goes with Bitdefender
    3. no issues as long as Norton is the only AV present on the device


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  • MPr

    Thank you!