Should You "Clean" Your Registry?

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The answer to the question "Should You Clean Your Registry?" seems to be a mixed bag depending on who you ask. Even Bitdefender Total Security has a Registry Cleaner in it. I'd like to know the communities opinion on this.



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    Hi @MusicalMayhem

    Bitdefender is pretty conservative in what it finds as far as registry keys. It lacks the information on what the keys are, which would be my only real concern, but at times I allow it to delete them. Some have been concerned that it didn't find anything, so...

    Other 3rd party software can be pretty heavy-handed in what they find, but have more information to make a better decision. That choice is up to you. So you're right, it can be a bit of a mixed bag of user-to-user user preference.

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  • Just be sure to run a registry backup before executing the cleaning ;-)

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    Once a month i do registry cleaning using Glary Utilities PRO and never had issues with my Windows after the cleaning is done.


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    To add a quick note here, have a look at the information regarding registry cleaners provided by microsoft support staff.


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