bdservicehost.exe excessively running for days at a time

Even after a reboot, and network cable unplugged the bdservicehost.exe runs for days at a time and utilizing 10% of my Intel Gen11 i7-11700k @ 3.60GHz. Also I see 500+ individual threads from the process doing something in the "Common Files\bitdefender\..." directory. This all began after the last Automatic last week


Ran SFC, DISM, Disabled 1 BitDefender Service at a time, Disabled All Security Services, uninstalled BitDefender/Reinstalled. Through all of my troubleshooting steps, I found no change in behavior, and still have no idea what dbservicehost.exe is doing.

2 Part Question

  1. Could you enlighten me what that process is responsible for and what it could be doing?
  2. How do I prevent it in the future?