Bitdefender Services Won't Respond. Any Help?

Hi. So I have bitdefender total security and I have an issue. After i installed Bitdefender total security.. Bitdefender won't load its services and Crashes I tried manually launching bdagent.exe but that failed. Is there a way to fix this?


  • Scott
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    Hi @ethanhazzis98

    In this case, I would go to option #2 of a complete uninstall and reinstall.

    Option 1) Try running a repair, and see if that resolves the issue.

    Option 2) Otherwise, do a complete uninstall using the uninstall tool, which will completely remove Bitdefender from your PC. I have found there is usually a folder left after the uninstall in Local Disk/Users/your user name/Application Data (make sure to unhide folders)/Local/Bitdefender. Check there just to be sure.

    Then, after the uninstall and reboot, right-click the Windows start button, Run (or Windows key and R) type in "temp" (no apostrophes) and run the command, then delete all the files Windows will allow.

    Now do the same thing with %temp% deleting those files, then also do the same with "prefetch" from the Run box. Empty the Recycle bin.

    Then go into your Central account, and from your Subscriptions, click on Total Security, Install Protection on a new device, This device, and see if that clears your issue up.

    If needed, you could also do the Run temp cleaning in Safe Mode, but let's see if this resolves it for you first.

    Kind regards,


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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Do you also get any error messages?

    For example 'Downloading one of the installation files failed' or the installation window disappears without error? Have you received confirmation that the installation completed successfully? Does the crash occur whenever launching the product? If the crash occurs after a complete and successful installation, do you get this error by any chance? - "Bitdefender Agent has encountered a critical error".

    Also, is there any other security solution present on the system? Does the PC meet the recommended system requirements to install Bitdefender?

    You can confidently follow @Scott's above instructions and we would appreciate if you could let us know the outcome.


  • Scott
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    I agree, that came to my mind later, too, of any existing (which BD probably would have flagged on an install) or pre-existing AV solution that was not totally uninstalled and could have corrupted the BD install.

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  • Yeah, let's see, I'm intrigued by this crash 😁