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Securisoft Bitdefender Offer Email In My Spam. Is This Email "Legitimate"? [UPDATE: It's a scam]

TomH16 ✭✭
edited March 2023 in General Topics

I found an email from "Securisoft" in my spam folder this morning. It offered very attractive multi-year offers on Bitdefender. Is this email "legitimate"?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @TomH16,

    Let's see a screenshot of the offer and find out what it says. Do you know SecuriSoft or had any business with them in the past? is indeed a country partner of Bitdefender, but first we need to make sure the email is genuine.


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  • TomH16

    I'm not aware of having had any contact with the company in the past.

    I've tried sending a screenshot but it's being rejected - am told I am not around long enough to do so.

    That's why the best I can do is to type the details instead.

    So, here goes -

    The address given in the email is not in Brazil but in "French Guiana" and the email is ".fr"

    Securisoft, Chem. Saint-Antoine, 97300 Cayenne, French Guiana

    Email :

    The offers in the email are for -

    Antivirus Plus for WINDOWS only 1 device 3 years - Was €69.99 - Now €14.99

    Internet Security for WINDOWS only 3 devices 3 years - Was €99.99 - Now €29.99

    Total Security for WINDOWS, MAC, iOS and ANDROID 3 Devices 3 Years - Was €114.99 - Now €44.99

    Total Security for WINDOWS, MAC, iOS and ANDROID 5 Devices 3 Years - Was €139.99 - Now €74.99

    Many thanks.

  • Gjoksi


    When i try to visit, this is what i get:

    So, the email is clearly SPAM and you should delete it.


  • TomH16

    Many thanks Gjoksi,

    Due to my sense of caution and not being expert enough to assess possible risk, I did not attempt to go to at all.

    Your findings are very welcome and I hope will assist not only me, but others too.

    Another positive is that gmail seems to also identify these emails as spam.

    With thanks,

    Tom H

  • Alexandru_BD

    @TomH16 I agree, you are better off that page. But you can also find good deals on our official website,

    Total Security for example is offered with a 58% discount for the first year of subscription.

    Alternatively, you can look for trusted Bitdefender resellers in your area by using the Partner locator feature on the website:

    I'm sure there are some pretty good deals on Amazon as well, on the official Bitdefender profile.

    Last but not least, you can always contact our commercial support representatives to discuss the most advantageous alternatives for your subscription renewal. You can reach them using this link:

    I hope the information is helpful.

    Thank you for choosing Bitdefender and for joining the conversation here.


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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited March 2023

    Just following up on this topic, as we did a bit of research. It turns out that they are not authorized to sell Bitdefender products and services and I strongly advise against purchasing anything from them. They don't even send an invoice and they are doing transactions using a PayPal account.

    Following the purchase, you are given two options, both very doubtful and shady:

    Option 1: If you have an email address that is not linked to Bitdefender Central, please provide it to me, and I will activate the Bitdefender subscription on that account for you.

    Option 2: If you prefer, I can provide you with a Bitdefender account that already has an active subscription. You can use this account directly to access your Bitdefender product.

    No activation code is sent!

    Of course, the first red flag would be that Bitdefender itself detects their homepage as fraudulent, and then there's the tactics involved, where they are phishing for potential customers offering "discounts" randomly via email. As in most cases, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    I've seen this before, unauthorized resellers that purchase multi-device licenses and then resell slots from those licenses on various marketplaces. This is why they can't provide an activation code to the end user and they give the above activation options.

    Yes, you will be sold the products cheaper, but you have no assurance that these products correspond to the local description. In my experience, it can sometimes happen that the licenses are not valid or have the correct maturity. So, my advice would be to always buy Bitdefender from trusted sources. This can make a big difference, because if the product is purchased from a doubtful source, it may not function properly, the activation code may not have the advertised validity and in some cases we are unable to provide support.

    This is just to raise awareness, as there are also various offers available at retail stores on marketplaces, but you should take into consideration that not all of them are affiliated with Bitdefender.


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  • TomH16

    To Alexandru and to Gjoksi,

    Many thanks for responding so diligently to my original query .

    There is indeed a very murky background to this email.

    This kind of spamming is only taking place because it does find victims, sadly. In my case, my cautious nature led me to have doubts about the authenticity and legitimacy of this "operator". Furthermore I was given protection by already being a subscriber to Bitdefender and also from the fact my gmail put the email into spam.

    Every time an instance like this is raised and then followed up on by people like yourselves, it does much to make people aware of the need for caution and cyber