still showing "Active with code " message

when I login into my Bitdefender central account then why it is showing the "active with code " message under the subscription tab ??? because that makes me doubt whether my service is active or not.


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    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD might be able to help you here since they both work for bitdefender & also are administrators of this bitdefender community forum


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    Hi @DP_Bitdefender

    What you are seeing is the ability to activate a new Bitdefender product that has been purchased, and would need for the key to be entered to activate it. If you tick that +Activate with code, you will get this pop-up.

    What shows on your Subscriptions/Licenses is the information that tells you your AV Plus is still activated.

    You can also confirm it by going to the top of your UI Dashboard, and clicking the My Account option, and it should show you it is still in force, in your case for your AV Plus, should show until March 1, 2024 as with your Central information.

    I hope this helped :)


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  • That's exactly how it is 😊