Cannot get port 445 open

We have two "firewalls" in our company, Bitdefender GravityZone & our router. I've added a Firewall rule under the policy our PCs are on, and I disabled the router firewall for testing (Asus routers are a pain in the A for opening ports). Despite this, port 445 remains closed.

We do not use Windows Firewall, Bitdefender has taken over as the firewall. We need access to port 445 so we can mount a network drive from Azure Storage.


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    Hi @mikebambl

    Since this is regarding the Enterprise line of products, @Alex_Dr or @Andra_B will need to help you, both of whom work with that line of products. They may be out for the weekend, so it may not be until Monday morning before they reach out to you.

    You could also try contacting business support from the link below.

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  • I've been notified by a support agent that opening port 445 to any traffic is not a good idea at all. They recommend a VPN implementation only accepting any traffic on port 445 from members of the VPN.

    We are now reconsidering this implementation.