Bitdefender on Hyper-V


We have a new on-premises GravityZone Premium subscription that we need help setting up. Unfortunately, the documentation is not very helpful, since we don't see the things and settings described in there.

After logging in to, I navigated to Network/Packages, in the left side menu. I have downloaded the only available item, "Security Server Virtual Appliance", choosing .vhdx

On the Hypervisor, I have created a new Gen2 VM, and connected the .vhdx to it. I started it up, and eventually I got to a screen - upper half with a black background, lower half pink(ish) background, with some version info, and two options: F2-Configure and F12-Shutdown/Reboot. This already differs a lot from what I have expected, based on the documentation. I chose F2. But there, I don't get to change any "bdadmin" password, for example. nor choose the Install Type, neither which roles to install. I can change the 'root' password (which I did), I can configure the network (which I configured for the company LAN. I can see a Communication Server config option - currently is pointing at itself (, and it says "Not Connected" next to it. I can successfully ping the machine from LAN members. I can't connect to it by browser.

What should I do now, and how? For example, how do I get to the on-premise Control Center from here? Where are the Install Type and Install Roles options?


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    Since you need help with business product, @Alex_Dr or @Andra_B (they both provide support for business products) could take a look here and help you with the issue.

    Also, you can always contact the Bitdefender business support:


  • JasonPark
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    Mistery solved: the product was activated as Cloud, instead of On-Premise. Then I used the wrong .vhdx .

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    Hello @JasonPark,

    The PDF with the instructions has been decommissioned but i am really glad that the situation was resolved and I profusely apologize for the delay in my reply here.

    Please let me know if additional assistance is required.

    Best regards,

    Alex D.