I need help I think my network providers are doing Illegal thing on my network

Plus i also believe that someone are logging into my computer without my permission. i also believe network adapter are being installed on my pc without my permission. Also have feeling there are tampering being done on my antivirus because they already has access to my pc. my antivirus get turn off. my network provider has fully access to my router i do not have access to my router. I am using another router that i plug into there router . I believe stuff are being put into my processor and i not sure how to take them out. There was a while ago my service provider just turn my internet off told me i need to give them both my routers before they will switch my internet on .

Also I have switch network neighborhood off but I   still get to see someone that live behind me network and it full bars in my house. I might be wrong but i think that router are connected to my router please help