Bitdefender Password Manager to replace Bitdefender Wallet



  • LudoFV
    edited June 16

    Wallet was working very good. I paid for it.

    Now you replace with password manager which is actually not working properly. A popup in the middle of the screen (Wallet appeared on the corner) when you cannot seen the account completely (think about a portal where you have several accounts [edited by admin, email addresses].

    Need to log on everytime you open the Internet browser ... Wallet - once per Windows session

    The transfer procedure from Wallet to Password manager using a non encrypter and local file => what a crazy and scandalous security breach !!!!!

    And you ask me to pay extra for that ???

    Time to see competition ...

    PS: not talking about having to refuse your cookies (???) many times when I navigate on Bitdefender central. Are you trying to steal my personnal data ?

  • The Wallet is working good, there's no question about it. However, it had to be discontinued to make room for a more versatile solution that can keep up with the user's requirements.

    The login issue you described can be addressed by enabling an option in your Password Manager settings menu. I've included an image below as to what it looks like:

    After you've opened the Settings, the option at the very top says "Disable login tab on startup", simply check that box.

    Saved cookies on your device are typically what hackers use to gain access to your passwords, so if the Password Manager used cookies to save your login information it would ultimately defeat it's own purpose.