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Bitdefender Box 2 V Netgear Armor

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I am currently running Bitdefender Box 2, happily, but I am conscious that the product is no longer available and that Netgear Armor seems to be what has replaced it. Are these two products identical in the protection they offer? I am considering upgrading my home wifi hardware and am thinking about getting the Netgear Orbi RBK353 which has Armor. Would it be sensible to migrate to Armor when my Bitdefender Box 2 subscription is due for renewal?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    The level of protection is identical for both products. Netgear uses Bitdefender licensed technology and Armor would be the more advantageous option here. In regards to your subscription inquiry, I would follow @Scott's advice and get in touch with the BOX team, as they can sort this out for you.


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