bitdefender (error code: -1105)

On our current laptop we had installed Bitedefener - free version. Running Window 10, Version   10.0.19044 Build 19044

I can find the build of Bitedefener we are running. It keeps returning the error code which means the update will not occur?

Please advise what i can check to determin what action to take.


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  • "... Cant find the build number..."

  • Hi Scott

    Got it - will try to copy screen shot here...

  • Thanks Scott

    the error is consistant at least ;)

    Yes i try to find any fixes related to this error number but as you have found too - its not present.

    For now we will just have to trust Windows Antivus doing "something" in the background. Im aware that sometime running multiple AV's prog's can cause conflict.

    However for time wise I will have to leave it for now. Another may see this post and assit with moving this forward to a solution.

    Many Thanks