Purchase 10 Device subscription and share balance subscription with friesnds

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I need to re-activate the Total security on my Laptop. But Bitdefender does not allow the purchase of only 1 device. If I purchase 10 Device subscriptions, Can I share the balance of 9 device subscriptions with my friends?

Can they register BD Central by their own Email address?

Is 1 year subscription period starts with the first purchase or does the subscription period start individually when they activate?

or How can I buy a subscription for 1 device 1 year?

Thank you in advance

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    First, remove all devices from your online bitdefender central: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/2795/

    Afterwards, you can again register your device under bitdefender central. Now, talking specifically about sharing your bitdefender subscription with your friends, you will have to share your central login details with your friends (which includes your bitdefender central email and password). They can regsiter on bitdefender central via their own personal email but they will end up getting trial version of the product for their respective devices because the subscription that you have bought is only linked to your bitdefender central account.

    To be on safer side, your friends can simply install the bitdefender product on their respective devices and then you can personally go and login with your bitdefender central account details on their respective devices thus not sharing any bitdefender central email or password with them. It would be a one time work or if you are good with sharing your bitdefender centra login details with them you can do that also.

    Also, the one year subscription be it for any number of devices will start from the date the license is activated on any one of the devices.

    Related to your query "1 year for 1 device", I guess @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD might be able to help you.


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  • Thanks @Flexx for detailed answer,

    Why Bitdefender not offer 1 device option ?


  • Flexx
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    That information can only be provided by @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD since they both work for bitdefender. They should reply back to this post in next 24 hour.


    OMEN Laptop 15-en1037AX (Bitdefender Total Security) & Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Bitdefender Mobile Security)

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    Hello @AmilaArt,

    While I'm a bit late here, I will do my best to provide further clarification and guidance.

    So, in the event you wish to protect multiple devices, there are several Bitdefender packages available, including the Total Security for up to 10 devices. It is not necessary nor recommended to share your account credentials when protecting other devices with your subscription/license, as you can send install links directly from Central and this way, the recipients are not required to enter any account credentials when installing protection on their devices.

    Bitdefender Central is an online platform for managing all your Bitdefender products and subscriptions. From Central, you can control security for yourself and other devices that share your subscription. You can activate and manage your subscriptions, install protection, track your lost devices, and run remote scans and optimizations – all in one place.

    After installing the antivirus on your device, in the event your subscription/license has multiple slots available, you can follow the steps described in the following article, to install Bitdefender on other devices:

    It is therefore not necessary for your friends to create individual Central accounts, because they will use the install links sent by you and this means that their devices will be protected by the Bitdefender subscription/license active in your Central account. In the event they create their own accounts, their antivirus will no longer be linked to your account and they will require to switch to your account and enter the credentials to resume coverage.

    Bitdefender does offer subscriptions/licenses for a single device and you can check the available 1-device products on the official Bitdefender webpage, under the "For Home" solutions tab:

    These are subscriptions that cover a single operating system and you can choose between Windows, macOS but also purchase mobile protection with our Android and iOS dedicated cybersecurity solutions. The concept of multi-device subscriptions was born out of the necessity to cover multiple different operating systems and more devices under the same roof.

    Regardless of its duration (1 year, 2 years or 3 years) the subscription period starts on the date of purchase, for the products ordered on the official Bitdefender website. This means that, the validity countdown will start once the purchase is settled and it is not conditioned by the date of activation nor the installation on other devices.

    I have noticed that you have recently renewed your protection using a Total Security license for 1 device. The validity has been successfully extended to April 2024.

    I hope the information is helpful.

    Should you have any questions, we are here to help.