SMS scam not working after new install

Hi All,

having just purchased total security and installed on mobile samsung s10+ i cannot get sms scam module to work, shows its not working, confirm you want it on, confirm turn on, next screen just hangs and only way is back. Have raise ticket but very poor response for BD blaming phone manufacturers for turning it off inside software?? All permissions and security authorities are correct as far as i can see. Any idea please




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    Well since you have already raised a ticket with the support team and also got the response, there is hardly anything that can be done here.

    Your last line of help can be from @agozob if he can help you in some way or the other.


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  • Hello @2581kaz,

    I don't think the engineers were pointing fingers at any manufacturer, they were simply relaying facts. The reality is, more apps are being affected because of this specific OS behavior and Android users have expressed their dissatisfaction on various channels:

    I don't know if this is something that Bitdefender has to fix, because it doesn't look that way and there are also articles that raise awareness of this possible issue, particularly related to Web Protection:

    Taken from the article:

    A large part of the bonus features of smartphones revolves around battery life and performance optimization. It is for this reason that vendors are packing battery-saving features with each Android release. But some optimization mechanisms are so aggressive that they kill useful background apps when the screen turns off to maximize your smartphone’s battery life.

    This impacts most of the apps that run in the background. Most affected are 3rd party alarm clocks, automation apps, and especially apps that need to work even when you are not actively using your smartphone. The latter category also includes Bitdefender’s Web Protection. Web Protection loses the Accessibility permission required to function when the Android system force stops background applications.

    As per our engineer's response, which I will also post here for future reference, the reason this happens is that the Bitdefender Application gets turned off by one of the power-saving/tuneup/RAM memory optimization/Low Power Mode/ Supersaver features from your operating system. Please make sure any similar features you may have running ignore Bitdefender.

    There is no way we can accurately find out what application/feature is closing it, nor can we provide accurate instructions for your smartphone, as each manufacturer is heavily customizing the operating system running on the device.

    Some of the features responsible for RAM/Battery optimization can be found in the Android settings > Applications > Bitdefender Security. Please carefully check each category: Mobile Data/Battery/Storage/Memory/Notifications.

    Apart from that, Samsung for example has an additional menu in the Android settings called Device Care. In that menu, the sections relevant are Battery and Memory(RAM memory, not Storage). Your device's menu is likely to be different.

    Here you may find some accurate instructions that would help you achieve that:

    The most accurate instructions should come from your smartphone manufacturer.

    I hope the information is helpful and provides more clarity. Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome, you may also request a refund of your purchase, on technical grounds. To do this, simply send your request at [email protected] within 30 days of your initial purchase or of the automatic renewal date.



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