Bdservicehost memory footprint in Win 11 vs Win 10

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I have a five PC license to Bitdefender Total Security and see a big difference in the amount of memory BD uses in Windows 11 vs Windows 10.

I have three windows 10 systems and two Windows 11 systems.

Just looking at bdservicehost On the Windows 10 systems the memory usage is 230MB to 300MB even after several days of uptime. On the Windows 11 systems the bdservicehost memory is from 550MB to 800MB even after a fresh start and sometimes goes significantly higher than that. These are not times in which I've had BD doing disk scanning.

The problem does not seem to be affected by hardware differences because two of my PCs are nearly identical (Intel and 32GB ram, etc), but one system has Windows 10 and the other has Windows 11. The Windows 11 PC has a very bloated bdservicehost where the Windows 10 PC does not.

All of these systems are 64bit Windows and fairly clean of bloatware. I've run things like sfc and dism to make sure the operating systems are clean.

If this continues, I'll be looking for new antivirus.

Any insight on the problem or solutions?


  • Hello @dgb,

    I think the difference can also be made by the amount of installed programs, especially programs that run permanently. But it's usually about the same on all systems. I've seen 600 MB usage on windows 10 as well, so it's not abnormal memory usage in my opinion..


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    Hi @dgb,

    Based on my experience with the product, the amount of memory used in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 varies between 300-600MB depending on the activities and applications that are currently being used.

    In addition, it is also worth remembering that Bitdefender, through its Photon technology, causes only new and modified files to be analyzed, so over time the consumption of machine resources tends to decrease.

    You can also take a look at this article that exposes the thesis of the amount of RAM used by several AV`s and how a relatively "high" use does not mean something negative.