UI - Text selection problem

Hello I´m using the Total Security Version in Portuguese Brasil. I was trying to select a content in a notification to futher search about what is about and just realize a mouse displacement. Altought the selection occours it start a few characters behind of where the mouse it´s showing. Just made a record. How to fix this? It´s just with me? Must worry?



  • Hello @GuilhermePGF,

    That's interesting and I've checked this as well on my device. I could not reproduce the mouse displacement, however. Apparently, I can copy the notification text with no issues whatsoever, so I don't think it's an UI text selection bug:

    It looks more like a lag/slowdown. Try to reboot the device and let us know if the cursor still behaves this way.

    Alternatively, if this is indeed a glitch you can try fixing it by running a repair:



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