Hyperlinks not working

Started having problem with hyperlinks not working with one email sender. At this point hyperlinks from multiple email senders not working as well as hyperlinks in Google Search results. This is occuring across different email systems (Outlook and Google) and different platforms (Apple ipod, windows computers). The one commonality is Bitdefender on all platforms. Have tried disabling various protections in Bitdefender with no success.


  • Hello @Tom C,

    At first glance, this doesn't seem to be related to the antivirus. If all security modules were already disabled and the hyperlinks are still unavailable, then this behavior could be caused by something else.

    I would recommend to disable the security modules in Bitdefender temporarily, and check how the hyperlinks are being displayed after each deactivation. Make sure to reactivate your defenses once the troubleshooting is done. You can follow the steps from this article:

    If these steps do not help fix the issue, I think it's unlikely for the antivirus to be the culprit, however, you contact our Support engineers for a more in-depth investigation. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact channels available here:


    One more thing to consider, do you have the Anti-tracker browser extension enabled by any chance?

    Let us know how it goes.