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VPN only connected once, but will no longer connect.


My BitDefender connected ONCE, but will no longer connect. At first the connection location was set to 'United States', but would not connect. Changed it to 'New York' and it connected OK. Disconnected from New York then tried to re-connect, but it no longer would. No error message. The window just went back to the 'Turn On to Secure Your Connection' window. Connecting to other locations will not connect either. How can I fix this? I've already removed\re-installed both the VPN software and the TAP-Windows Adapter V9.



  • RobNolan

    Additional note: If I exit completely out of BD VPN then re-launch it the connection to New York works, but when I disconnect that location and attempt to re-connect as a test it will not.

  • Flexx

    Kindly check on troubleshooting page of bitdefender vpn where on the basis of your operating system you can find various troubleshooting steps related to different vpn issues.

    If issue persists, 

    Generate bitdefender BDsysLog:

    Generate bitdefender support tool logs:

    Generate bitdefender connectivity logs:

    Share the logs & your query with bitdefender support team by dropping them an email at

    If the generated logs are larger in size, you can upload the logs to google drive or (7days link validity for free users) or ask the support team to provide you with the online link & password of bitdefender cloud where you can upload the logs and share the upload link with the support team.

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @RobNolan,

    There are a few common causes of Bitdefender VPN connection faults:

    • No Internet – Make sure your device is connected to the Internet with a strong and stable connection.
    • Firewall – Check that your firewall isn’t blocking the VPN. If you’re not sure, look in your router’s manual, contact the manufacturer or your Internet provider.
    • Another VPN or Proxy – If you’re running another VPN or Proxy, disable it when trying to connect.
    • Public Wi-Fi (like in a hotel, school, or office) – Contact the network administrator to see if they can change the firewall settings and allow the VPN connection.
    • Port 443 is blocked – Port 443 UDP must be open for Bitdefender VPN to work.

    If you’ve already checked the above reasons why Bitdefender VPN isn’t usually working, the guide below can help you further:

    If the connection still cannot be established, then it's a task for the Support engineers to troubleshoot. It's weird that it doesn't return any errors though.. if you try other servers and also a different internet connection, what happens?


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