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Hi! I have a few miscellaneous questions:

  1. Do I need an adblocker if I have VPN? I read that some sites won't work if I'm blocking ads.
  2. How much does Ublock or Adblock Plus slow down my internet connection?
  3. Should I sign out of everything once a day?
  4. Should I clean my internet cookies and temp files once a day? This seems a bit much, because I thought certain things were supposed to make life easier.
  5. How long is it safe to stay signed into gmail for?
  6. Is Google Chrome the best for using with gmail? Or does Microsoft Edge have the best security?


  • Hi @OwnerOfBitdefender,

    I'll share my answers below:

    1. Yes, the VPN does not technically block ads, we have a built-in adblock. There are indeed websites that don't work because of adblocker, and it's up to you if you want to disable adblock and enter the site.
    2. Not at all, they will not slowdown your internet connection
    3. No, it is not necessary to sign out once a day
    4. No, just clean cache and cookies if you experience browser slowdown, if you have issues accessing websites you used to be able to visit or if you run out of disk space
    5. You can stay signed in all the time, however, it is recommended to change your password now and then
    6. Most browsers have build in security to prevent you from downloading malicious files, but they are very basic security layers. Any browser will do as long as you have an antivirus as well.

    I hope the information is useful.



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  • @Alexandru_BD Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

  • @OwnerOfBitdefender You are most welcome! 😉

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  • Gjoksi


    I have Mozilla Firefox version 113.0 64-bit with uBlock Origin version 1.49.2 adblock add-on installed on Mozillla Firefox.

    From my personal experience, so far i haven't experienced any slow downs on my internet speed with the add-on installed and enabled.

    You are correct, some sites will not work with ad-blocker enabled. For me, there were 2 sites that didn't work with uBlock Origin enabled, but now they are added as Trusted sites in the add-on's settings and now they work as it should be.

    Next, from time to time, i use Glary Utilities PRO to clean the Windows registry, to delete junk files, to erase Windows' and browser history etc. The program also deletes all sign-in details, like usernames, passwords etc.

    Finally, it is always a good idea to use 2-Step Verification (also called 2-Factor Authentication or simply 2FA or 2-FA) where possible, as an extra layer of securiy for you accounts. I use it for my Google accounts, Yahoo account, Microsoft account, ZOOM account etc., everywhere where there is an option for 2-Step Verification.