Linux endpoints freezing for 10 seconds

I have experienced laptop freeze on ubuntu 1x - 2x with bitdefender turned on. Once I stop bd everything works fine. It's not happening one one machine but on multiple laptops.

Can we do something about this? Or has anyone experienced the same and has some insights?



  • Gjoksi


    Since you need help with business product, @Alex_Dr or @Andra_B (they both provide support for business products) could take a look here and help you with the issue.

    Also, you can always contact the Bitdefender business support:


  • Andra_B
    Andra_B BD Staff

    Hello @Sorin S,

    Thanks for your question. In this case, we would need some logs from the affected devices in order to analyze them and come back to you with a solution.

    Create a support ticket for this, as recommended by Gjoksi and my colleagues from the Enterprise Technical Support Department will help you further.

    @Gjoksi thank you @Gjoksifor your help.

    Have a great day ahead!


  • Alex_Dr
    Alex_Dr Quality & Customer Experience Specialist BD Staff

    Hello @Sorin S,

    I do apologize for the late reply. Have you tried getting in contact with the Enterprise Support team?

    For starters I would initiate a reconfiguration task for the product. I will post the link with the instructions as well but, basically, a first step would be to install the product on the affected machines with only the Antimalware module at first. If the product doesn't work well in this basic state, it means the Antimalware module is at fault. If it works as intended, the situation is caused by one of the other modules.

    This is the link with the instructions -> Running tasks (

    Please let me know how it's going and if you have contacted the Enterprise Support Team, do include the case number so I can follow up with the team.

    All the best,

    Alex D.